Monday, 30 August 2010

I'm not sure why I attempt night trains, I don't think I slept at all last night despite the reasonably wide bed and proper duvet. But there were two advantages to taking the night train: First, all day yesterday I got to look forward to finishing the 2-show day at the Globe with immediate scarpering to Scotland, and today I got to enjoy the entire day of gorgeous sun, from a breakfast picnic with Alison McGillivray in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens to a very satisfying alternation of trampoline-jumping and hammock swinging in David McGuinness' back yard (UK: back garden). I had no idea trampoline jumping could be so exhausting, but my legs really had to work to get as tiggerish a bounce as possible.

Having mentioned Glasgow as a candidate for a place to do a Ph.D., Alison helpfully quizzed me on what topics would tackle. This is a question I've been happily answering a lot lately, and today with the hoped-for effect that I finally took note of which topics riled me up and put a little flame in my eye and which ones were just deeply interesting.

Now I'm completely wiped out, resting in the Canal Station bar in Paisley with a ginger beer and free wifi signal while waiting for Claire, who has spent the afternoon in the car, to arrive, so that we can plot our first day trip tomorrow. Then I promise some more pictures!

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