Thursday, 21 November 2013

Discovering Canada

Since I've moved back to Canada, It's been an absolute delight to explore my own country for a change. Here are some pictures from my North American travels of the last two years:

After so many trips to Scotland,
at last I went to Nova Scotia.
As you can see, the weather is
exactly the same.

This is in the Bay of Fundy. There be dragons.

Clams are very rich, and I cannot recommend
eating more than forty in one sitting.

Quebec and Ontario are too close to home
to be interesting in landscape,
but it has been a treat to rediscover them
from a "Terroir" perspective. Quebec cidre
is particularly good.

Ontario wine.

For the first time in ages I have
participated in my country's local 

I've seized a few opportunities to head south of the border. 
Here is Philly, with old and new very much side by side.

At last I made it here! 

Visiting friends from the Old World are an excellent excuse to head to Quebec City,
Canada's "see, we are old too."

Also a chance to introduce friends to the cultural baggage that is our bread and butter.

Ontario's beauty is small-scale.

No room in the family canoe,
but I was pretty happy to be the
odd one out (Georgian Bay).

Ontario also holds the gateway to Narnia, by the way.
Not telling where.
Let's play "find the lamppost."

The West Coast is over-the-top stunnery.
This is the ferry coming through
Action Pass at dusk.
The US border is everywhere
when you're Canadian.
Mount Baker looms in the US Cascades.

Impressive as a thousand year old church
is a thousand year old tree.



I always though "Crazy Canuck" was a รค
British term of endearment.
Only in Canada would we embrace it
to such a level.

British Columbia is gorgeous, and it knows it.

And this is home.

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