Wednesday, 21 November 2012

100th Blog Post!

I mustn't let a year go by without posting on my blog, so here it is, and not a moment too soon.

It's been a chaotic and highly-themed year, the main theme being trying to find a balance between many different things. Music and academia are at the top of the list of crisis-inducing imbalances (my frustration with the latter are apparent in my last posts of 2011 I think), while being in a relationship now (a year already) after many years alone has been wonderful and quite new, but has of course taken time away from certain solitary activities like, say, blogging. Add to these daily chores, trying to stay fit and healthy, making and keeping friends, plotting world domination and having a few adventures and soon I wonder, Is there a time and place for everything?

Let's see. As it happens, now is not the time or place to blog, but that this post is here anyhow bodes well for my loyal followers. Let's see what the coming days bring...

In the meantime some pictures of the edgier side of Vienna, all from the last few days:

Molly in—Oh goodness, what a liberal toilet stall!
(at the famous Café Diglas)

The wonders of electrochromism.

This one scared me off completely.

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