Monday, 24 May 2010

off we go then

First day in London, the perfect time to start my online diary. Despite 6 years in Montreal, I was completely floored by the sensory overload. Look Right. Met Caroline at the Royal Academy of Music, where she delivered to me my trombones and a suitcase with the rest of my dear belongings she brought from Basel this morning. We bought some healthy fresh items at Waitrose and sat in the park to eat them in the sunshine. A perfect first London meal.

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous - also reminded me of Montreal: the smog settling over the city turns the sun unnaturally deep shades of orange, the distance glows purple. My hosts here assure me it's the volcanic ash and not smog.

And now I'm writing my first diary entry, indulging self-consciously in what seems a typical 21st-century social situation: three women in a South London flat, sitting in front of a tv doing our separate tasks on our three laptops. But at least we're giving priority to what we say to each other over whatever is absorbing us, even making eye-contact. As I write, I am remembering back five years when I failed in my first attempt to start an online diary, unwilling to accept that the whole thing is a work in progress and wanting to set down instead little polished pearls and winding up with drivel. As you do.

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