Saturday, 25 September 2010

Before I get to writing here are some pictures of earlier this week:

Bjarte and Adrian Showing off Matching Shirts, Liestal

Josué peering out of a tightly-packed car

Boomy acoustic in Völklingen

Josué at the incredible steps between
Paris Gare de l'Est and Nord

Kudos to Deutche Bahn for honouring my TGV ticket and even giving me a reservation to sit, and to the Eurostar for changing my non-changeable ticket to the next train when I finally got to Paris. I got back to London in time for the last train at 8 pm which goes from St. Pancras to just around the corner, and was in bed ridiculously early.

Yesterday I woke up and attempted to take stock of all I have to do in the coming days. I started by staying in bed and booking plane tickets online before rolling over for another snooze - finally have my ticket to Canada, yey! A most productive sleeping in (UK: lie-in). Then I took my computer downstairs and started trying to do everything at once for a few hours, getting quite tense about it all when finally hunger forced me to drop it and go grocery (UK: food) shopping. Sure enough, while walking to the supermarket a viable set of priorities fell into place and by the time I got back I had a clear schedule of eat, practise, and write the four most important emails. Maybe this morning I'll go on a walk and see if the same clarity arises. Besides, I haven't explored the cemetery a block away.

This is always a problem, coming back from tour. On tour it can feel like a luxury to have your schedule decided for you, even if it's a packed one. All you have to think about is showing up and playing as well as possible, and break time is important because you need your brain for other things. Now despite the show tonight again at the Globe, there is a deluge of laundry, library books, bills, practising slide-trumpet, emails, and my own projects which are getting urgent, to attend to as well.

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