Thursday, 6 January 2011

Of the links I keep at the top of my browser, my link to the IMSLP (or "Petrucci") has been lately very fruitful. After having unsuccessfully browsed the Ottawa Folklore Centre's for a Ukulele method, I stumbled across this today:

Perfect! I did notice that it was uploaded by - if I can assume by the username - the only follower of this blog who I've never met - thank you! It's not the first contribution of yours I've taken off the IMSLP and definitely won't be the last. In fact, given this week's weather forecast (as of last night) it could be quite useful:

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Did I mention I just bought a skating rink subscription? And today some cross-country skiis (at the Brocki). As both these things will be utterly useless in the next week I think I might try to organize the singing-through of some very silly Ravenscroft. As for winter, I do hope it comes back soon. In the mean time, if I need to remember what snow and ice feel like, at least I can always click here.

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