Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I was walking down the street in Verdun on Sunday (I'd left the computer adapter in the café - oops!) when I saw some sweaters on a rack outside a shop for $2.99. Slave-labour, I thought, and checked the tags: "Made in Canada" - and discounted from $40... so I bought two. It was only when I got home and threw all my sweaters in a pile that I looked at them together and realized, to my utter shock and horror that: Ladies and Gentlemen, the TGV collection is now complete!

The TGV Collection

Alas, how many times have I complained about the hideous purple and orange which accost the traveler? Of course, one can pay an extra few euros and upgrade to first class, which doesn't constitute an improvement in service or space allowance but the seats are lime green instead. Could've been worse: Could've been Thalys...!

Sunday afternoon I tried Bubble Tea for the first time - interesting, even tasty, but altogether I can only rate it not bad as I can't say I got excited about little goopy black balls coming up my straw, supposedly the best part. The seaweed salad and tofu that it came with was amazing though.

Yesterday another Montreal Early Brass reading session with lots of Rore and Andrea Gabrieli. Renaissance music is more and more exciting to play - I hope you find the same after you've read the book that's second on the list here. (Don't know why there's a picture of "The Economist's Oath!") Regarding the book first on this list, it's brought me much pleasure and made for excellent conversation with fellow musicians. As a little thank you, this afternoon I made a Tiramisù for Bruce Haynes and will eat it with him tomorrow.

In case you needed reminding....

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